RELM Holdings, Incorporated

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RELM Holdings, Inc. (RELM) was formed in 1994 in the State of Tennessee as a C-Corp. Over the span of its business existence, it has acquired several businesses.  These acquisitions places RELM in the industry of Mergers and Acquisitions.  The largest acquisition was completed in 2008 from funds provided by the private bank bank (a related company, Protective Capital Structure Corporation (Protective), stock symbol PCSO.  This acquisition was completed in the financial sense only.  In addition, in 2008, RELM received a dividend from Protective.  That dividend has been held on deposit in the First Life Guarantee Company (Guarantor).  The dividend was in the form of marketable securities amounting to 67,000,000 shares of stock issued and publicly traded by Protective.

RELM Organization Chart
Unaudited Financial Statement – 12/31/18
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