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Re-launch of First Independent Financial Group (First Group) and its Subsidiaries/Affiliates Features a Blockbuster Development Project

2019 Updated Financial Information


Washington, D.C. (March 27, 2019), First Independent Financial Group (First Group) will soon re-launch business activities through its subsidiary Protective Capital Structure Corporation (PCSO) and affiliates by conducting a capital raise in 2019. In 2009, the founder of First Group, Ed Johnson, established an annuity under the Business Collateral Line of Credit (BCLOC), which is a facility, designed to generate capital for a business. That same year, Protective sold its common stock in a private market sale. Going forward, the common stock will be sold daily at an Open Public Market Price (OPMP). When considering both the private price and OPMP, this creates two separate prices for the stock used in the BCLOC). Furthermore, the private market price will be re-packaged in the BCLOC product.

Example: Between 2006 – 2009, the public price per share ranged as low as $.01. From 2007 – 2009 the private market price averaged $21. From 2009 to the present, the negotiated private market price is over $400 per share. Therefore, re-packaging the PCSO stock into BCLOC (which consists of a pool of equity, treasury, annuity and accreted interest) affirms PSCO stock has substantially increased in value.

In 2009, Ed Johnson invested 2.9 billion shares of equity (issued by PCSO) that was re-packaged into the BCLOC. This investment is currently held in trust increasing its cash value from the current market of $.01 to $20 per share that supports the pool of securities that must be swapped for U.S. Treasuries (up to 35% of the Treasury Fund) leaving 65% in U.S. Treasuries to maintain it as a U.S. Treasury Fund. The proceeds are to be used to develop 75 super luxury complexes that contain hotel, condominiums and entertainment center named “The Ensworth”. RELM Holding, Inc. (RELM), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Group and the parent company of RELM Real Estate Holding (RREH), will own and handle the land acquisition and development of the 75 complexes. The plan is to retain a 5-star hotel, like the Four Seasons, to manage the day-to-day operations of the hotels and condominiums. RELM, as a public company, will be traded on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market under stock symbol “RELM”. Additionally, Protective Capital Structure Corporation, as a public company, will be traded on the OTC market under stock symbol “PSCO”. For more information, visit the website:

The Annuitant has prepared a Delaware Statutory BCLOC Trust 2007-1 to issue notes. Proceeds from the updated BCLOC Trust 2007-1 will be used to fund the BCLOC Trust account will underwrite the guarantee fee, commission, advisory fees, legal fees and expenses, along with the upfront Access Channel Software licensing fee. This software will be used to monitor the notes and the assets securing the notes. The BCLOC Trust account will purchase SLPC Promissory Notes established through the BCLOC Program of 2007-2019, which is described under the Section entitled “The BCLOC Program” in the 2019 First Life Financial Corporation (FLFC) offering document.

The SLPC Promissory Notes are issued in million dollar denominations and secured by BCLOC Trust assets. The Series A and B Notes are paid under the non-accelerated contract. The Series C Notes may be paid under either or both the Non-Accelerated Contract and the Accelerated Contract by FLFC, an affiliate of First Group. See Transaction overview for details.

DEFAULT RISK (Debt to Equity Ratio Analysis)

To view the likelihood of default, we have used the comparisons of the top four (4) U.S. Banks:

Bank Industry
Current D/E Ratio
S&P Rating
A. Chase Bank
B. Wells Fargo Bank
C. Citibank
D. Goldman Sach
E. Protective Capital (PCSO)

Source: Wall Street Report, 2018

Based on the above analysis, it is unlikely Protective Capital would default on their notes.

About First Independent Financial Group (First Group)

First Group, founded in 1983, is a privately held company that owns several public and private subsidiaries that operate as non-GAAP stand-alone companies. First Group does not issue any class of securities registered pursuant to Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 or that is required to file reports pursuant to Section 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. First Group headquarters will be located in Washington, DC. It is comprised of three (3) public companies: Protective Capital Structure Corporation (PCSO), RELM Holdings, Incorporated (RELM), and Access Versalign Incorporated (AVI).

Ed Johnson is the CEO of First Independent Financial Group (First Group) and a noted Financial Engineer. He is proficient in drawing on the tools of applied mathematics, computer science, statistical analysis and economic theory as well as investment banking.

For additional information or to schedule meetings with Mr. Ed Johnson, please contact:

Kevin Davis
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